Sunday, May 7, 2017

Important information

Dear member,

Orders passed by the Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court in our COCP No. 17 of 2009 in 5.04.2017 is as under :-

M/s Okhla Enclave Plot Holders     Vs.   SC Chaudhary & Ors. 

Present: Mr. Gurinder Singh, Advocate for the petitioner.
              Mr. Sidharth Sanwaria, DAG, Haryana for respondent Nos.1,3 & 6.
              Mr. Nitin Mishra, Advocate for respondent Nos.4 & 5.

At the time of hearing today, an affidavit dated 03.4.2017  representing the present Management-respondent No.4 has been  filed in Court, a copy of which has been furnished to learned counsel for the petitioner.

Learned counsel for respondent No.5 submits that all the claims including that of the petitioners/plot holders are being adjudicated upon by an Arbitrator/Tribunal constituted  on the directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court.  It is pointed out that the claims of the petitioners/plot Holders are recorded to have attained finality and require submission of necessary documents by them for verification & issuance of proper allotment letters.

At this stage, learned counsel for the petitioners prays for some time.

List on 24.08.2017.

In the meanwhile, the petitioners/plot holders are directed to appear before the Tribunal or the Committee constituted by it to put-forth their claims for verification & satisfaction.

April 05, 2017                                                        ( JASWANT SINGH ) 

In pursuance to the above orders, delegation of the Forum on 3rd May, 2017, met Senior Town Planner, Faridabad who is also Chairman of the Committee Constituted by Arbitration Tribunal and handed over an application explaining that there is no need of re-verification of records as our claims have attained finality.  A copy of the same is also sent to Hon'ble Arbitrator for necessary directions.

In the meantime, our members are advised to keep their original documents ready if we are asked to go for verification process any time on a short notice as per their prescribed format. As soon as, any format is provided by the department, the same will be uploaded later on blogger and will also be forwarded to the members via email whose emails are register with the Forum.

MAIL TODAY newspaper reported on 5th May 2017 on our matter.This is in continuation of the previous news item in MAIL TODAY newspaper dated 2nd April 2017, already shared earlier. 

Any new developments in this regard will be updated to our members. We advise all members of the Forum to read this blog on a regular basis. Our efforts to provide justice to all is continuing unabated, but this cannot happen without the co-operation of all our associates.

Those members who have not updated their email address so far, are once again requested to register the same with the Forum via Email ID: okhla.oeforum@gmail.comso that the communication may reach in time.  Members listed on this site, should approach other known members, so that we can have a wider reach, especially with those who are not connected on this blogger.

Forum will not take-up the cases / own responsibility of members who are in touch / not registered their latest contact details with Forum / not  cleared their dues / not paying their membership fee regularly to the Forum.

Your valuable suggestions to take up this matter further, in the right earnest will be highly appreciated. We have been taking up the cause on your behalf, but we may, at some point, miss out on the thoughts, which may be in your mind.

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Sunday, April 2, 2017


Dear member,

A press clip in "Mail Today" of today i.e. 2.04.2017 (SUNDAY), highlighting our issue with the authorities in the matter is as under for information :

In EC meeting of the Forum held on 18.03.2017, it has decided to defer the closure of separate account of additional development charges @Rs.50/- per sq. yards collected from members by two months i.e. upto 31.05.2017. The amount remaining un-refunded will be transferred into the general account of the Forum. The members are, therefore, advised to claim refund of additional development charges from the Forum by 31.05.2017 positively, to relieve the Forum for unnecessarily keeping such amount in a separate saving bank account.

Please register your latest postal address, mobile/ contact phone number and email address with the Forum at via Forum's Email ID:

Orders of hearing dated 5.04.2017 is awaited. 
Next date of hearing in COCP is fixed for 24.08.2017.

Any other development, in this regard will be informed to all members through this blogger. We advise all to read this blog regularly.

Thanks & regards,